Company History

As our company name suggests, our history is deeply intertwined with that of the agrochemical industry in Japan.

In the early 1920's, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. conducted research on a by-product of copper refining at the Ashio Copper Mine managed by Furukawa Mining Co., Ltd.(now Furukawa Co., Ltd.) to successfully produce lead arsenate, the first agrochemical to be registered in Japan. This project was soon transferred to the Ooi Agrochemical Plant of Asahi Denka Kogyo KK. (now ADEKA CORPORATION) Subsequently, in 1928, the Agricultural Chemical Department of Asahi Denka Kogyo KK. and Fujii Seiyaku Co., Ltd. merged to form Nihon Nohyaku Co., Ltd. Japanese first agrochemical manufacturing company.

Since that time, as a corporation protecting food supply and greenery, Nihon Nohyaku has been working to revolutionize technology in its core area of business involving manufacture and sale of safe and superior agrochemicals. Furthermore, working from the basis of agrochemical research, development and manufacturing, we have been expanding our business in fields such as chemical products, pharmaceuticals and animal health products.

1928 Nihon Nohyaku Co., Ltd. established (Head Office, Osaka)
1930 Disease and Insect Research Farm opened in Kawachi
1934 Tsukuda Plant (now Osaka Plant) constructed
1934 Kyushu Liaison Office (now Fukuoka Branch) opened
1938 Manchuria Nohyaku Co., Ltd. established
1942 Korean Nohyaku Co., Ltd. established
1953 Tokyo Plant constructed in Toda, Saitama
1955 Hokkaido Liaison Office (now Sapporo Branch) opened
1956 Chemical Research Laboratory constructed in Osaka
1959 Head Office relocated to Tokyo
1961 Daiichi Nohyaku Co., Ltd. established in Okinawa
1964 Nagoya Liaison Office opened
1969 Saga Plant constructed
1969 Agricultural Chemicals of Malaysia (ACM) established in Malaysia
1973 Safety Research Center constructed in Kawachinagano, Osaka
1974 Nichino Ryokka Co., Ltd. established
1975 Fuji-One(isoprothiolane) launched
1978 Kashima Plant constructed in Kamisu, Ibaraki
1979 Tohoku Sales Office (now Sendai Branch) opened
1983 Fukushima Plant constructed in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima
1984 Tokyo Plant closed due to introduction of the bullet train
1984 Applaud(buprofezin) launched
1985 Nichino Rec Co., Ltd. established
1985 Moncut(flutolanil) launched
1985 Kantec (malotilate) launched
1989 Japan House Tech Co., Ltd. (now Nichino Service Co., Ltd.) established
1990 Japan EcoTech Co., Ltd. established
1991 Danitron(fenpyroximate) launched
1991 Pharmaceutical Research Center constructed in Kawachinagano, Osaka
1992 London Office (now Nichino Europe Co. Ltd.) opened
1992 Naganuma Nursery opened in Hokkaido
1993 Research Center (1st stage) constructed in Kawachinagano, Osaka
1994 Astat (lanoconazole) launched for ethical use
1995 New York Office (now Nichino America Inc.) opened
1995 Research Center construction completed in Kawachinagano, Osaka
1996 Taiwan Nihon Nohyaku Co., Ltd. established
1998 Malaysia Office opened
1999 Ecopart(pyraflufen-ethyl) launched
1999 Thunderbolt(pyraflufen-ethyl mixture) launched
2000 Malaysia Office closed, and Bangkok Office opened
2001 Nichino America, Inc. established
2002 A portion of Tomono Agrica's business acquired
2002 Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.'s plant protection business acquired
2002 Nagoya Branch integrated into Tokyo and Osaka Branch
2003 V-Get (tiadinil) launched
2005 Shanghai Office (now Nichino Shanghai Co., Ltd.) opened
2005 Lulicon (luliconazole) launched
2007 Zespart, Windom (lanoconazole) launched for OTC use
2007 Phoenix (flubendiamide) launched
2007 Nichino Europe Co.,Ltd established
2007 Prac-tic (pyriprole) launched
2008 Multi-Purpose Plant constructed in Kashima Plant
2010 Axel (metaflumizone) launched in Japan
2010 Tokai-Hokuriku Sales Office opened
2010 Colt (pyrifluquinazon) launched in Japan
2011 Nichino Shanghai Co., Ltd. established
2013 Head Office relocated to Kyobashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo
2013 Orthosulfamuron acquired from ISEM S.r.l.
2014 All shares of AgriMart Corporation acquired
2014 Nichino Do Brasil Consultoria Em Agroquimicos Ltda. established
2014 50% shares of Sipcam Agro S.A. acquired, and the name changed into Sipcam Nichino Brasil S.A.
2015 Danikong ( pyflubumide ), Double Face ( pyflumide, fenpyroximate ) launched in Japan
2015 74% shares of Hyderabad Chemical Private Limited acquired