President's Message

- Chemical Innovator for Crop & Life -

Yosuke Tomoi
President and
Representative Director
As a research and development-oriented company, the basic management philosophy of the Nihon Nohyaku Group is to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by ensuring a safe and steady food supply, improving the quality of life for all and creating new value through technological innovation. 

We have outlined "Nichino Group-Growing Global: Becoming an Outstanding Globally Competitive Company" as the medium- to long-term vision for our Group. We strive to be a corporate group that contributes to the future of humanity by achieving further innovation in the technology we have developed over the years in our agrochemical business, including crop protection and lifestyle environment improvement.  To realize this vision, we have set our medium-term business plan "Advance to Growing Global 2018", which was formulated in FY2016.
Since our founding in 1928, we have worked continuously to expand our corporate scale and business domains with agrochemicals as our core technology while also engaging in business related to the manufacturing and sales of pharmaceuticals, animal health care products, and products related to improvement of  living environment.
Moving forward, with emerging countries projected to see further population growth, attention is to be paid to the increased food production necessary to support that growth. Nihon Nohyaku is accelerating our global expansion  to contribute to increase agricultural productivity  not only in Japan, but also around the world. In addition to the direct sales company we operate in the USA, we also operate manufacturing and sales companies in core agricultural markets such as Brazil and India as we aim for global growth. 

Global agriculture markets have faced a sudden downturn in the last few years due to climate and currency markets, among other factors. The agricultural business continues to grow because we have to support a continuously growing  global population over the long term.

The Nihon Nohyaku Group will work to improve income by accelerating global expansion and our growth strategies as we work to improve our corporate value.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your understanding and support of our Group activities and your continued guidance and encouragement.

Yosuke Tomoi, President and Representative Director
December 2016