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  • Management Policy

    Explanation of the Nihon Nohyaku Group's vision and our medium-term management plan

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    Explanation of Nihon Nohyaku’s performance and financial status

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    The latest Nihon Nohyaku information, including earnings reports and presentation materials are available for download

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    Dates of publication for Nihon Nohyaku’s general meeting of shareholders, quarterly reports, and other information

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    Basic information on Nihon Nohyaku’s stock

  • Nihon Nohyaku Quick Facts

    A guide to provide a quick glance of Nihon Nohyaku

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    Questions about Nihon Nohyaku’s stock frequently asked by shareholders and investors

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    Outlines disclaimers concerning IR

  • Disclosure Policy

    Nihon Nohyaku's disclosure policies

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