Corporate Philosophy

We have outlined the "Basic Principles of the Nihon Nohyaku Group" as basic management principles that are shared by all executives and employees, and which are reflected in all our business activities. 

Basic Principles of the Nihon Nohyaku Group

  • We contribute to society by ensuring a safe and steady food supply and improving the quality of life for all.
  • We fulfill market needs by creating superior values with innovative technologies.
  • We commit to be a trustworthy company for all stakeholders through our fair and vigorous business activities.
Based on this Basic Principles, we have established the "Nihon Nohyaku Group Action Charter" that is applied to all executives and employees.

Nihon Nohyaku Group Action Charter

  1. We improve the quality of life for all by providing safe and effective products and services that satisfy our customers.
  2. We conduct fair and transparent business operations, respecting social ethics and complying with related laws, regulations and the spirit thereof.
  3. We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, considering the global environment.
  4. We actively communicate and contribute to our communities as a good corporate citizen.
  5. We properly manage corporate information and disclose it in a timely and appropriate manner.
  6. We recognize the importance of personal data, intellectual property and other information, and safeguard it under proper protection and management.
  7. We ensure a safe and comfortable work environment for our employees, always respecting human rights and diversity in people and cultures.
  8. We entirely exclude involvement with antisocial forces and organizations, and resolutely refuse unreasonable requests.
  9. We contribute to the development of each country and region in line with globalization, adhering to international rules as well as local laws, culture and customs.
  10. We promote the sound and sustainable growth of Nichino Group for social contribution.
The Nihon Nohyaku Group also applies “Chemical Innovator for Crop & Life” as a corporate statement that further solidifies the principles of our Basic Principles and Action Charter. Through this statement, we challenge ourselves to ensure a safe and steady food supply and to improve   
the quality of life for all through technical innovation.