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Chemical Products, Pharmaceuticals, Animal Health Care

We are expanding our activities into such wide-ranging fields as chemical products as well as pharmaceuticals and animal health products

In our chemical products business, we handle a wide range of products including those for use in home gardening, greenery, and termite.

In the pharmaceuticals and animal health products fields, we branched off from our toxicological research on FUJI-ONE to develop and put on the market KANTEC, a product designed to improve liver protein metabolism, in1985. Currently, we are engaged in the sale of pharmaceuticals and animal health products in Japan and overseas.

Chronological Table of Development of Our Active Ingredients of Chemical Products, Pharmaceuticals and Animal Health Products

Year launched in Japan Common Name Product Category
1985 malotilate(KANTEC)*1 Pharmaceuticals
1994 lanoconazole(ASTAT) Pharmaceuticals
2005 luliconazole(LULICON) Pharmaceuticals
2003 metaflumizone Termiticide
2006 pyriprole(Prac-tic) Animal Health Care
2016 luliconazole(LUCONAC) Pharmaceuticals
2016 pyriprole(Nexus) Termiticide
*1 out of sales