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Disclosure Policy

Nihon Nohyaku is committed to improving its corporate value and the common interest of its shareholders based on the Basic Principles of the Nihon Nohyaku Group. The Basic Principles are as follows: “We contribute to society by ensuring a safe and steady food supply and improving the quality of life for all,” “we fulfill market needs by creating superior values with innovative technologies,” and “we commit to be a trustworthy company for all stakeholders through our fair and vigorous business activities.”

Nihon Nohyaku recognizes that engaging in dialogue with markets and relaying market evaluations to management are essential to the pursuit of robust group management. We believe that thorough disclosure will help us maintain and strengthen the trust of shareholders and investors, leading in turn to the enhancement of our corporate value.

Based on these basic principles, Nihon Nohyaku has established the following Disclosure Policy.

1.Disclosure of Material Information

Nihon Nohyaku shall endeavor to disclose material information to shareholders and investors in a timely and appropriate manner and in compliance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, other relevant legislation, and the regulations of the stock exchanges.

2.Voluntary Disclosure of Information

In addition to disclosing material information, Nihon Nohyaku shall voluntarily and proactively disclose information on matters such as finances, management policy, and business strategy to enable shareholders and investors to accurately understand the state of the company and make informed decisions.

3.Fair Disclosure of Information

Nihon Nohyaku shall take steps to ensure that disclosure of information as stipulated above does not lead to the identification of individuals, and it shall endeavor to ensure transparency and fairness in the management of information.

4.Internal Control System

Nihon Nohyaku shall endeavor to establish and strengthen an internal control system that enables appropriate information disclosure as stipulated above.

5.Quiet Period

Nihon Nohyaku shall observe a quiet period from the date of the end of each quarter to the date of the announcement of that quarter’s results, during which it shall refrain from making comments or responding to questions about the results. However, information shall be disclosed as appropriate if actual performance deviates from forecasted performance in the relevant period such that it creates a fluctuation provided for under the regulations of the stock exchanges and/or other relevant regulations.

Nihon Nohyaku shall, pursuant to this Disclosure Policy, endeavor to enhance the content and publication format of publications such as shareholder communications and its timely information disclosures. The company shall also endeavor to allow prompt and easy access to a variety of management and finance-related information by proactively utilizing various web tools, including the company website. It shall also proactively develop and strengthen group-wide frameworks for promoting disclosure and investor relations in order to ensure full compliance with this Disclosure Policy.