We are taking steps to introduce , develop, and promote new agrochemicals that excel on the world stage

Beginning with the introduction of the fungicide isoprothiolane in 1975, through to the registration obtained for the fungicide pyraziflumid in 2018, Nihon Nohyaku has discovered, developed, and marketed 23 proprietary active ingredients (including active ingredients acquired from third parties) for agrochemicals not only in Japan but also overseas. Moreover, we are not only involved in the development of our own new agrochemicals, but are also actively engaged in joint research and development with other companies.

Chronological Table of Development of Our Active Ingredients of Agrochemicals

Year launched in Japan(Year of Acquisition) Common Name(Trade Name*) Product Category
1974 isoprothiolane(FUJI-ONE) Fungicide
1984 buprofezin(APPLAUD) Insecticide
1985 flutolanil(MONCUT) Fungicide
1991 fenpyroximate(DANITRON/ORTUS) Insecticide (Miticide)
1999 pyraflufen-ethyl (ECOPART) Herbicide
(2001) fenoxanil (ACHI-BU) Fungicide
(2002) tebufenpyrad (PYRANICA) Insecticide (Miticide) & Fungicide
(2002) tolfenpyrad (HACHI-HACHI) Insecticide & Fungicide
2003 tiadinil (V-GET) Fungicide
2007 flubendiamide (PHOENIX/TAKUMI) Insecticide
2010 pyrifluquinazon (COLT) Insecticide
(2013) orthosulfamuron Herbicide
2015 pyflubumide (DANIKONG) Insecticide(Miticide)
2018 pyraziflumid (PARADE) Fungicide

*Major registered trademarks in Japan and worldwide.