Top Message

 We have outlined "Nichino Group-Growing Global: Becoming an Outstanding Globally Competitive Company" as the medium- to long-term vision for our Group. We strive to be a corporate group that contributes to the future of humanity by achieving further innovation in the technology we have developed over the years in our agrochemical business, including crop protection and improvement of living environment.  As a step toward achieving our group vision, we have formulated a three-year medium-term management plan that was set in FY2016. In FY2018, the final year of the management plan, we are aiming to achieve net sales of 75 billion yen.
 We will advance our daily business activities and promote active inter-group communication in order to generate synergy throughout the entire Nihon Nohyaku Group and successfully achieve the goals of our medium-term management plan and our group vision.
 From the perspective of enhancing corporate governance, we will engage in proactive communication with investors and shareholders and conduct timely and appropriate information disclosure to promote further understanding of our business activities. Furthermore, we will promote aggressive governance by improving the management of our board of directors.
  Nihon Nohyaku will work to achieve further growth and maximize corporate value in order to contribute to the development of global agriculture and to enriching people's lifestyles.
  We ask for the continued understanding and support of our shareholders and investors.
President and Representative Director