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Sustainability Basic Policy

Sustainability Basic Policy

“Contributing to Food and Life through Technological Innovation”
Based on the Basic Principles of Nihon Nohyaku Group, we will contribute to the realization sustainability society by continuing to take on challenges to ensure sufficient food through technological innovations and to protect affluent life.

Basic Human Rights Policy

Nihon Nohyaku Group respects the human rights and diverse values of all our stakeholders, including our customers, and aims to achieve a society free of discrimination and prejudice.

Nihon Nohyaku Group Basic Procurement Policy

Nihon Nohyaku Group is committed to good corporate practice according to our Basic Principles, Acton Charter, and Sustainability Basic Policy and we have established a Basic Human Rights Policy and Anti-bribery Policy to regulate our procurement activities.
Based on these policies, we aim to create successful partnerships with our business partners to realize a sustainable society.
In order to fulfil our social responsibilities throughout the supply chain, the cooperation of our business partners is essential.
We would like our business partners to agree with Basic Policy of Nihon Nohyaku Group and to put it into practice together.
1.Consideration for Human Rights, Working Environment, Peace and Fairness
We respect and properly promote Human rights and diverse values in our procurement activities.
In our production activities, we strive to ensure a safe and healthy working environment; protect and respect internationally recognized Human Rights, eliminate unfair acts such as discrimination and harassment, and abolish compulsory labour and child labour.
In addition, we do not use raw materials that contain conflict minerals.
2.Compliance with Laws and Social Norms
We comply with the laws and social norms applicable to the countries and regions in which we operate, respect each cultures and customs, and do not engage in any conduct that violates them.
In addition, we do not send or receive hospitality and gifts that deviate from social norms.
3.Fair Transactions and Equal Opportunities
We open our doors to a wide range of Business Partners and provide opportunities for fair transactions by disseminating information on procurement in a timely and appropriate manner.
In addition, we do not engage in unfair trade practices, refusals, payment delays, or unfair trade terms by abusing dominant bargaining position.
4. Selection of business partners
We select our business partners based on a comprehensive assessment of quality, prices, stable supplies, technological capabilities, Sustainability initiatives, and management stability and so on.
5. Promotion of Mutual Development (Partnerships)
With our business partners, we aim to deepen mutual understanding through questionnaires and audits, and grow together by building partnerships based on mutual trust.
6. Ensuring appropriate information management and intellectual property rights
We protect confidential information and undertake the appropriate handling of personal information obtained from our business partners.
In addition, we pledge to avoid infringement of any intellectual property rights related to patents, trademarks,and so on.
7. Ensuring quality and safety
We ensure compliance with the quality standards and legal requirements of safety standards in the countries and regions we provide our products and services.
In addition, we commit to providing accurate information on products and services to our customers.
8. Consideration for the environment
In cooperation with our Business partners, we actively prioritize the procurement of raw materials and products with minimal environmental impact.
We also promote the reduction of waste and greenhouse gas emissions in all our production activities.
Furthermore, we strive to protect the environment, including the conservation of biodiversity, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

9. Social Contribution
As good corporate citizens, we aim to live in harmony with local communities and all stakeholders, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society together with our business partners.