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Development of Technologies and Products that Meet Needs of SocietySustainability
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Development of Technologies and Products that Meet Needs of Society

Global R&D Activities

Research Center & Manufacturing Technology Research Center (Kawachinagano City, Osaka)

A major mission of the Group is to create new agrochemicals that meet the needs of the times, to ensure a safe, secure and steady food supply and improve the quality of life for all.

As an R&D-driven company, we continuously challenge ourselves to create technologies that contribute to global food production, by enhancing the functions of the Research Center, which carries out cutting-edge research, and the Manufacturing Technology Research Center, which is responsible for the manufacturing stage, and by strengthening the development system that responds to global market needs.

Developing Eco-harmonized Products

Researcher working in the greenhouse of the Research Center

Agrochemicals are required to be effective against pests and weeds, and to be safe for users and consumers, as well as to have a lower impact on the natural environment. By having the chemistry, biology, safety, and research support departments collaborate from an early phase of the research stage, the Group responds to laws and regulations in each country, and aims to develop eco-harmonized products aligned with the perspectives of “the environment, safety and health” by utilizing the latest scientific knowledge. Furthermore, when evaluating performance at the research stage, we conduct voluntary audits based on internal regulations that we have formulated, and work to fulfill the goal of “Responsible Consumption and Production” set forth in the SDGs.

Ethical Considerations concerning Testing on Animals


Nihon Nohyaku has established internal regulations concerning testing on animals in accordance with the “Act on Welfare and Management of Animals” and related guidelines. We also promote animal welfare through technological development and research initiatives utilizing cultured cells and computer modelling.

Activities toward Advanced Technologies

The Group’s Research Center collaborates with the Smart Agriculture Promotion Department and related departments to increase the sophistication of the “LeiMe AI Disease, Pest & Weed Analysis” service, which is a smartphone application. We are also accelerating exploratory research by expanding our efforts in AI drug discovery technologies in the synthesis field, omics research in the safety and biological fields, and initiatives in the computational science field.

Initiatives for Crop Aid Products

“Frost Buster,” a product of the Group, was developed based on a new proposal to effectively utilize “coffee grounds,” a byproduct of canned coffee manufacturing, and prevent frost damage on crops by promoting supercooling*. This is a product that contributes to the realization of a sustainable, recycling-oriented society.

*: When frost or ice is formed, extremely small ice seeds (ice nuclei) are first formed, and these gradually become larger lumps (formation and growth of ice crystals). The promotion of supercooling prevents the formation of ice crystals from these ice nuclei, by preventing water from freezing even at temperatures below its freezing point.