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Approach to and Promotion System for Compliance

To the Nihon Nohyaku Group, compliance includes not only complying with laws and regulations, internal regulations and contracts, but also prohibiting unethical behavior that is not socially acceptable under high ethical standards.We have established the Compliance Committee as a concrete promotion system for realizing this philosophy.

The Compliance Committee consists of Executive Officers or full-time Directors from each department, and the administrative office is operated by the General Affairs & Legal Department. Furthermore, we have appointed Compliance Promotion Supervisors and Compliance Promotion Managers in each department and office. Compliance Promotion Supervisors formulate policies and provide guidance to ensure thorough compliance in their departments. Meanwhile, Compliance Promotion Managers provide practical support to further promote and ensure compliance.

Compliance Initiatives

Nihon Nohyaku fulfills its corporate social responsibility by ensuring that the business activities of all officers and employees comply with laws and regulations, as well as internal rules and norms, and by preventing corporate scandals.

To achieve the above, we hold regular Compliance Committee meetings twice a year to summarize compliance activities and decide on policies for the next half of the year. Based on these decisions, we hold workplace meetings (twice a year) and a group council within Group companies (once a year). At the workplace meetings held twice a year, we aim to improve compliance awareness through the sharing of compliance-related incidents and training materials that reflect the latest circumstances. 

To respond quickly and appropriately to compliance violations, in addition to an organization-based reporting system, we have also established an “internal reporting system” in compliance with the Whistleblower Protection Act and related laws and regulations. This system allows all officers and employees to report directly to officers in charge of compliance and to external law firms.

Initiatives toward Anti-Corruption

One of the Basic Principles of the Group states that “we commit to be a trustworthy company for all stakeholders through our fair and vigorous business activities,” and we actively fulfill our corporate social responsibility through sound business activities in compliance with relevant domestic and international laws and regulations. In addition, we request all officers and employees of the Group to comply with the “Prohibition on Bribery,” “Understanding and Compliance with the Bribery Laws and Regulations and Policy for Prevention of Bribery,” “Appropriate Approval Procedures and Ex-post Facto Confirmation Procedures,” “Building of Sound Business Relationship,” “Regular Risk Assessment, Review and Improvement,” “Thorough Records Management” and “Prompt Report.”
In FY2022, there were no bribery-related violations or cases involving sanctions.

Preventing Anti-competitive Behavior

The Act on Prohibition of Private Monopolization and Maintenance of Fair Trade is a law that aims to promote the development of the market economy through free and fair competition. Keenly recognizing its importance, Nihon Nohyaku strives to ensure compliance with the law. Main activities include establishing and adhering to internal rules, managing and overseeing the status of compliance with the above-mentioned antimonopoly law and the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, etc. to Subcontractors, providing compliance training sessions for all employees twice per year, and raising awareness among all officers and employees by regularly issuing a compliance email newsletter.

Financial and Tax Compliance

The Nihon Nohyaku Group complies with tax and other relevant laws of the regions and countries where it operates and gathers the information needed to do so. We engage in proper accounting practices and pay taxes required of the Group.

Global Expansion and Management

To ensure compliance at overseas Group companies, Nihon Nohyaku has established the Group Compliance Council to conduct lively discussions and provide useful advice to each Group company. Through these activities, besides ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations, we also provide support that enables overseas Group companies to fully respond to local social issues based on corporate ethics.

Such support includes verifying whether overseas Group companies and their suppliers/contractors are having a negative impact on the local environment and society (for example: monitoring and guidance to ensure that our products are not used in inappropriate ways by customers, and confirming with Group companies to ensure that inappropriate gifts, etc. have not been given to public officials or other private companies), and considering appropriate measures that go beyond laws and regulations.