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Sustainability Promotion System

[Sustainability Promotion System]

Nihon Nohyaku reorganized the previous CSR Promotion System and developed a Sustainability Promotion System in order to strengthen our efforts in sustainability management. Under the new system, we integrated the functions of the CSR Committee,  into the Board of Executive Officers, and also established the Sustainability Committee and the Sustainability Promotion Department in April 2024.


[Functions of the Sustainability Promotion Organization]

Sustainability Promotion Dept:
The Sustainability Promotion Dept., renamed from the previous CSR Promotion Dept., was established within the Corporate Planning Division. It fulfills a fundamental role in the Group's sustainability activities by drawing up plans on sustainability activities, managing activity plans, the results, and responses to external institutions in whole, sharing information and coordinating with domestic and overseas Group companies, and conducting awareness-raising activities.
Sustainability Committee: This committee was established as a management entity for sustainability management. It draws up and establishes key policies and regulations, as well as effectively promotes and manages the Group’s sustainability activities through our efforts in various related measures. It also serves as a supervises for the three committees: Compliance, Risk Management, and Responsible Care Promotion.
Board of Executive Officers: The Board of Executive Officers takes over the functions of the previous CSR Committee (authority to approve matters to be deliberated), and ensures appropriate and smooth decision-making through deliberations on issues and measures related to sustainability by the Executive Officers. It also works to strengthen comprehensive sustainability management from the standpoint of business execution, including the three related committees’ reporting as well as internal control and J-SOX audit reporting related to financial reporting (Internal Control & Audit Dept.).
Board of Directors: The Board of Directors makes final decisions related to sustainability initiatives. Key matters on sustainability approved by the Board of Executive Officers are subjected to additional multifaceted recommendations and advice at Board of Directors meetings, and this will help to create greater unity between management and employees regarding sustainability management.