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Communicating with the Public

The business sites of Nihon Nohyaku and domestic Group companies actively disclose information and communicate with local governments, local residents, and visitors to our plants from diverse backgrounds. Based on our expertise and technology as an agrochemical manufacturer, we conduct activities to support the development of agricultural workers and raise awareness on agricultural chemicals.

Training and Tours at Business Offices

Training and tours at Nihon Nohyaku Group’s Research Center and Manufacturing Technology Research Center (Kawachinagano-shi, Osaka), Naganuma Nursery (Yubari-gun, Hokkaido), and Nichino Service plants (Kamisu-shi, Ibaraki; Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima; and Miyaki-gun, Saga) had been temporarily suspended to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but with the mitigation of the pandemic, we have gradually begun to accept visitors (visits are still suspended or accepted with a limit on the number of people at some facilities).

Among these facilities, the Research Center participated in an open company event sponsored by Kawachinagano-shi “Work Waku-Waku Kawachinagano” in November 2022, and held a total of four tours for residents in coordination with other local companies. At the event, we explained the significance of agrochemicals before giving a tour of Research Center facilities. We received many comments from the participants, such as: “I was surprised there was such a large research facility in the city” and “I felt proud to learn that research in Kawachinagano was helping Japan and the world.”

At the “Work Waku-Waku Kawachinagano” open company event

Nichino Scholarship Fund

In FY2008, we started the Nichino Scholarship Fund, commemorating the 80th anniversary of our foundation. This year marked the 16th year of the fund. Every year, we provide scholarships to students at nine agricultural colleges in Japan, and have supported over 250 students so far.

We also hold seminars on agrochemical safety for scholarship recipients at our Head Office and Research Center. In 2022, an online seminar was held for the first time from the standpoint of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Through this program, we will continue to help foster Japan’s next generation of agricultural professionals.

“Nihon Nohyaku, Thinking of Nogyo-joshi’s Future” Project

Project team members

Nihon Nohyaku participates in “Nogyo-joshi Project” (Nogyo: agriculture/farming; Joshi: women/ladies) being promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to broadly communicate the activities of female farmers to the general public and works to revitalize local communities through project activities.

Our participation has led us to launch the “Nihon Nohyaku, Thinking of Nogyo-joshi’s Future” project. We hold online seminars on the basics of agrochemicals and also provide a chatbot service in which an animated character explains various information about agrochemicals on our website in an easy-to-understand manner. Through this project, we will work to create an environment in which women in agriculture can play an even more active role.
(See here for the latest activities (in Japanese):


Visit from Nagaoka High School

In October 2022, Nihon Nohyaku cooperated with a study visit from Nagaoka Highschool in Niigata Prefecture to support the development of the young generation that will lead the next generation. We gave the students lectures on agrochemical safety and our smart agribusiness initiatives, a demo of spraying a jumbo formulation (water soluble package), and a chance to experience our LeiMe AI Disease, Pest & Weed Analysis App, which served to deepen their understanding of agrochemical safety and our business.


Nichino Ryokka Initiatives for the Morioka Castle Restoration Work

Restoration construction site

Nichino Ryokka Co., Ltd. took part in the restoration work for historic buildings by applying the green technology it has developed. The stone wall restoration at the Sannomaru of Morioka Castle ruins, a designated national historic site, is a historic project scheduled to be completed in 2024, with KAJIMA CORPORATION as the prime contractor. Nichino Ryokka was in charge of mortar spraying and rebar insertion work to prevent the earthen mounds that back the stone walls from collapsing after the walls were taken apart from the standpoint of ensuring the safety of the work.
In addition, Nichino Ryokka participated as a volunteer in citizen tours of the site organized by Morioka-shi and explained the details of the project to give citizens a better understanding of it.

See here for the CSR activities of Nichino Ryokka (in Japanese):

Fire drill at the Nihon Nohyaku Research Center

Fire drill
The Nihon Nohyaku Research Center, in addition to its regular fire drill, held a joint fire drill with the Kawachinagano-shi Fire Department Headquarters, Kawachinagano Fire Station, and the Kawachinagano Fire Brigade as a part of the spring 2023 nationwide fire prevention campaign. The drill simulated a fire breaking out in the research building for chemistry and biology that caused injuries and prevented some people from escaping. The training included fire extinguishing drills by fire fighters, researcher evacuation, the rescue of researchers unable to escape using a ladder truck, and triage and emergency first aid performed on people with injuries. These exercises served to further raise disaster prevention awareness.

Contribution to local communities at overseas group companies

Nichino Europe’s Social Contribution Activities

Nichino Europe Co., Ltd. (NEU) takes part in a range of social contribution activities to realize a sustainable society.

In 2022, NEU made donations to protect wildlife and the environment in recreational areas at Abbey Fields, a grassland area in Histon, Cambridgeshire, UK, through the charity Histon & Impington Green Spaces. Abbey Fields is currently threatened by development, and donations are helping to preserve the land as grassland into the future.

In addition, NEU is working on various initiatives such as supporting a local trust that teaches new skills to persons with learning disabilities; participating in international initiatives to preserve the South American rainforest; and continuing to support local charities that provide assistance for child adoptions and patients suffering from motor neuron disease.
Moreover, NEU members participate as volunteers in charitable groups including the British Horse Society, not only helping with campaigns to preserve bridle paths and green spaces for use by horse riders but also helping to preserve the countryside.

NEU will continue to provide donations to local charities and support volunteer activities going forward.

Nichino America’s Social Contribution Activities

Nichino America, Inc. (NAI) participates in various social contribution activities to realize a sustainable society.

Every year, NAI makes donations to food banks, and the funds collected are used for social contribution activities through the non-profit organization Feeding America. During the Christmas season, volunteers and NAI employees deliver presents to senior nursing homes that were purchased with donations. Further, at NAI’s national meeting held in San Antonio, Texas in 2022, employees assembled children’s bicycles for donation to a local charity as a part of a team-building event. Other initiatives include working with the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture (a non-profit organization that conducts education and awareness-raising related to agriculture in the U.S.A.) and My American Farm (a game platform for children’s agricultural education), to fund “From Seed to Shirt,” a game designed to promote agricultural learning.

By becoming a sponsor of a foundation working to increase children’s knowledge of agriculture, NAI intends to contribute to the development of the agricultural field.
Going forward, NAI will continue to donate to various charitable organizations and provide support for volunteer activities.

Team-building event at the NAI national meeting

Aid for the Pakistan Floods and the Turkey-Syria Earthquake

The remains of a damaged house and farmland with standing water
The Nihon Nohyaku Group provided recovery aid for the Pakistan Floods that occurred in 2022.
The floods, which caused historic levels of damage, destroyed farmland and severely impacted the lives of farmers. Aid was delivered through local distributors of our products and was used to rebuild the homes of farmers who use our products.
We also made donations through the Japanese Red Cross Society in order to help people impacted by the Turkey-Syria Earthquake that occurred in 2023.
It is our sincere hope that the areas affected by these disasters recover as soon as possible.